Small Groups

Connecting people who call Southside home and encouraging them to grow closer to Jesus together.

Groups are a huge part of who we are as a church.

Simple Groups

We know that this year has made things different and a little difficult for everybody, and staying connected can be a little challenging. At Southside we want to give you every opportunity to connect not only to your church family, but more importantly to Jesus through His word. That is why on January 3rd we’re starting a new type of small group called Simple Groups. A Simple Group is a very small group of 3 to 5 people where the leader of the group texts scripture to their group. Now you can have a space where conversations can happen about what you read. So you get a little glimpse of being in a small group, in a very simple and safe way during these crazy times we live in. 

Email Matthew Riley if you have questions or would like more info about groups

Small Group Leader Resources

Small group leader training.

This weeks Sermon Questions

Group Questions 

1- What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘kingdom’?

2- How does Scripture define the ‘kingdom of God’? 

* After some group discussion, provide the answer if needed. The ‘kingdom’ is God’s reign.

3- Read Matthew 6:9 together. Seth talked talked about the following terms in this verse: our, Father, heaven(s) and hallowed. What do these terms mean for our prayer lives today?

4- Read Matthew 6:10 together. Imagine asking God’s full reign to rule every area of your life and our world. How can this be a scary request? What is so difficult about this portion of the ‘Lord’s Prayer’? 

5- Read Matthew 6:11 together. How do you relate with this verse in your prayer life?

6- Read Matthew 6:12 together. What can we learn about our Father & ourselves in through this verse?

7- Read Matthew 6:13 together. What temptation(s) do you think Christ is talking about here?

8- By relating to God as our Father, we experience...

   - Provision

   - Freedom

   - Deliverance


Which of these blessings is most deficient in your life today?

9- What do you need to carry away from our study or discussion?

10- Spend some time praying together. Use the following guide to personalize the Lord’s Prayer. Be sure to encourage everyone to pray as you walk through this guide:

Read Matthew 6:9...

Open up by thanking our Father for allowing us to be His children. Tell Him how much you revere Him.

Read Matthew 6:10...

Ask Him to send His full reign into every area of your life. Focus on the areas that you are not fully yielding to His authority. 

Then ask our Father to restore our families, neighborhoods, communities, state, nation & world.

Read Matthew 6:11...

Tell Him where you need provision today and ask Him to show you opportunities to share with others.

Read Matthew 6:12...

Thank our Father for His forgiveness. Highlight any strongholds in your life that are in need of His forgiveness. And thank Him for His strength in helping you forgive those who have sinned against you.

Read Matthew 6:13...

Ask our Father to help you overcome the temptation to hallow (revere) anyone/anything other than Him.